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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Equality is a term used for ensuring everyone has equality of opportunity, which is protected by legislation under the Equality Act 2010. The Act protects people from being discriminated against on the grounds of any of the nine ‘protected characteristics’: age, disability, gender reassignment/ transgender, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. The Act also places a duty on employers and education providers such as the College to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between different groups.

Diversity is about taking into account an individual’s personal differences, and therefore covers a wide range of conditions and characteristics. In terms of businesses and their workforces, it is about valuing and reaping the benefits of a varied workforce that makes the best of people’s talents whatever their backgrounds. Diversity encompasses visible and non-visible individual differences. It can be seen in the makeup of the workforce in terms of gender, ethnic minorities, disabled people etc. and about where those people are in terms of management positions, job opportunities or terms and conditions of employment. Diversity is also about respecting individual differences – people’s differences can be varied and not just confined to the protected characteristics, and can also include for example, their politics, socio-economic status, family background, health, values, and much more.

We also value inclusion, meaning that we aim to be inclusive in the way in which we operate as an education provider and an employer.

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, working with partners and stakeholders by way of consultation and sharing best practice. We also have links with many of the faith organisations in Peterborough including Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Sikh. They all have nominated Associate Chaplains to work with us as part of the College Chaplaincy Team.

Peterborough College is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion as set out in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our Equality Objectives 2018-22  

Our staff, learners, students, apprentices, Governors and stakeholders are all central to the achievement of our equality and diversity objectives, which are:

  • Equality Objective 1 – To create, sustain and celebrate an inspiring working and learning environment which advances equality of opportunity for everyone and fosters good relations
  • Equality Objective 2 – To eliminate inequality, harassment and victimization by removing or reducing disadvantages felt by people of different groups
  • Equality Objective 3 – To identify learner and student groups with lower achievement, retention and pass rates and put processes in place to narrow gaps and exceed benchmarks
  • Equality Objective 4 – To be representative of our community and seek to promote harmony and community cohesion and to work with other organisations across Greater Peterborough with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Equality Objective 5 – To treat all learners,  students, staff, apprentices, stakeholders and visitors with dignity and respect and to build a positive reputation in equality, diversity and inclusion

Furthermore we believe that the proactive management of equality, diversity and inclusion is key to:

  • The College’s reputation – good reputation attracts people from all communities, helping to meet service delivery needs
  • Building relationships with all stakeholders – which supports repeat business and community cohesion
  • Retaining staff – valuing our diverse workforce enables the College to recruit and retain the best people for the job
  • Retaining learners, students and apprentices – the promotion of a welcoming and supportive environment is attractive and key to their success
  • Meeting our legal obligation – effective management of equality, diversity and inclusion limits the risk of legal challenges and costly penalties
  • Exceeding Ofsted’s expectation – enabling the College to demonstrate to inspectors our embedded commitment to advancing the equality of opportunity, fostering good relationships and eliminating discrimination

College of Sanctuary

Peterborough College are committed to being a safe and welcoming place for people whose lives were in danger in their own country. We are a college that helps its students, staff and wider community to understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary, and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of our college community.

We pledge our commitment to the City of Sanctuary vision of welcome, including the endorsement of the City of Sanctuary charter and signing up to organisational pledge of support.

What is City of Sanctuary UK?

City of Sanctuary started with the vision that the UK should be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution. From this start in a single location, the idea has spread into a grassroots network of more than 120 local groups in the UK.

Schools & Colleges of Sanctuary is an initiative which aims to:

• Foster positive attitudes within schools, colleges and their communities around people seeking sanctuary
• Support schools and colleges to take positive steps towards being places of safety and inclusion for all
• Recognise and celebrate schools and colleges that are committed to welcoming and supporting people seeking sanctuary

Disability Confident Employer Scheme

As an employer, we are aslo proud to have gained Disability Confident Employer Scheme status


Peterborough College Gender Pay Gap Report

The College has produced its Gender Pay Gap Report – which is required under the Equality Act 2010 ( Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. View the report here: Peterborough College Gender Pay Gap Report

Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding Committee (EDSC)

The aim of the EDSC is to help to deliver the College’s mission to ‘raise aspiration, realise potential and inspire success in a diverse community through high quality education and training’ and to ensure equality of opportunity for both staff and learners,  students and apprentices. The EDSC will ensure the implementation of the College’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy and Equality Objectives and ensure legislative compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Meetings take place on a termly basis, with reports going to the Corporation Board.

  • Terms of Reference -

    • To review and develop all equality and diversity related policies including the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policy
    • To ensure the annual implementation plans are activated and completed
    • To monitor inclusion and participation across learner/student/apprentice and staff cohorts
    • To ensure full legal compliance of all policies and practices
    • To promote equality and diversity in teaching, learning, business support practices and employment
    • To recommend staff development activities for the college to promote equality, diversity and inclusion
    • To agree, monitor and analyse performance of the curriculum area equality and diversity impact measures (EDIMs) and narrow any achievement gaps amongst different groups of learners
    • To review statistical information concerning equality and diversity within college, including complaints data
    • To make recommendations to the Shackleton Steering Committee, Senior Leadership Team and Corporation Board
  • Members -

    The membership of the group is drawn from a cross section of the College, led by the College Principal, including Curriculum management, the Executive Director of Students, Executive Director of HR, Director of Quality and Director of Facilities and Estates which ensures that equality and diversity is a strategic priority.

  • The College will seek to ensure that - Read more...

    • It fulfils all its legal requirements placed on it under equality legislation in particular the Equality Act 2010
    • It fulfils its duty to eliminate discrimination to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between different groups
  • The College will continue to -

    • make reasonable adjustments as far as practicable to enable employees and learners to have access and carry out their work and studies
    • ensure employees, learners and their sponsors are aware of the value placed upon equal opportunity and that formal investigations and disciplinary action may be taken in the event of any breach of policy, including harassment
    • equality impact assess all its policies, procedures and services to ensure that there is no negative impact of such policies etc on any groups, and to encourage a positive impact (published on the College infozone, for more information contact the Director of Quality)
    • ensure marketing and publicity materials present appropriate messages and are designed to respect all community groups
    • provide all partners and associates with a copy of the College Equality and Diversity Policy and ensure that they understand their responsibilities and agree adherence to them whilst working with / for the College
    • have inclusive and open recruitment and selection, progression and development processes to encourage our diverse learner and employee groups to develop and progress
  • We will promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion by - Read more...

    • Advancing equality of opportunity and good relations between all sections of the College’s community
    • Embedding and mainstreaming equality, diversity and inclusion throughout all operational activities
    • Positively encouraging applications from underrepresented groups through alternative media use and forming links with local community groups
    • Ensuring our schemes of work, lesson content, teaching resources, planning activities, communication, actions demonstrate sensitivity to issues of diversity and are adapted where necessary
    • Ensuring that everyone has access to the College and its courses
    • Holding appropriate accreditations to support equality and diversity standards
    • Delivering an inclusive approach to celebrating success at award ceremonies and similar events
    • Reinforcing the College’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in College publicity material
  • As an employee or learner/student or apprentice of the College you are responsible for ensuring that - Read more...

    • You are aware of your own and the College’s statutory duties in relation to equality legislation that are outlined in our Equality, Diversity & Inclustion Policy
    • You refrain from and challenge inappropriate behaviour, whether deliberate or not by learners, colleagues, College partnerships, work placement providers and outside contractors
    • You respond positively to the equality, diversity and inclusion needs of colleagues and fellow learners and make reasonable adjustments where necessary
  • As an employer the College monitors and reviews the effectiveness of its Equality and Diversity policies - Read more...

    • Through regular EDI Group meetings
    • With the involvement and consultation of appropriate groups and stakeholders in its review and on-going development
    • Through the publication and implementation of an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy and Equality Objectives
    • By reviewing and implementing best practice observed in other organisations

    It is important that all employees and learners understand that the College will not tolerate any form of behaviour or activity that discriminates, without objective  justification, on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment/ transgender, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race,  religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. If an employee or learner is alleged to have discriminated against someone, including harassment, a full investigation will be carried out which may result in summary dismissal or expulsion.