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Type: Full Time

Subject: Learner Engagement

Level: 1

Start Date: 31 August 2022

Fee: Please contact the Information Centre for fee information

Course Length

1 Year


Level 1

Who is it for

Traineeships are an opportunity to gain real work experience, job skills and improve your English and maths if required. The programme can last up to a maximum of six months with the content tailored to your individual career needs.

At its core, a Traineeship is a high–quality work experience placement for 16 to 24 year olds that prepares you for your future career prospects. On a Traineeship you will gain the skills employers are looking for to boost your employment opportunities.

You could be suitable for a Traineeship if you are:
• Motivated to work
• Unemployed, or work fewer than 16 hours per week and have little work experience
• Aged between 16 – 24 and do not hold a level 3 qualification

A Traineeship is probably not right for you if you:
• Already have the skills and experience needed to find an Apprenticeship or full–time employment
• Are 25 years old or older
• Under 16 years old
• Are already employed

What will I need

Traineeships are ideal if you are motivated to get a job but lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

If you have been unsuccessful when applying for an Apprenticeship or full–time employment due to a lack of skills and experience then you are likely to be a good candidate for a Traineeship.

What is covered

• Employability skills training, including building your CV portfolio, developing interview techniques, identifying ways to sustain employment and progress in a career, and boosting your confidence 
• 100+ hours demonstrating your work potential to real employers and the opportunity to gain a work–based reference to enhance your CV
• English and maths sessions at a level appropriate to each person with the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification in each subject
• Support to update and match your skills to local opportunity and link up with employers so that you can demonstrate your potential to them

What can this course lead to

The Traineeship programme ideally leads to an Apprenticeship or sustained, paid employment. Please note that in some cases further vocational learning is required to progress career opportunities.

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