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Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard Level 2


Type: Full Time

Subject: Hairdressing, Beauty and Complementary Therapies

Level: 2

Start Date: Please contact the Information Centre for start date information

Fee: Please contact the Information Centre for fee information

Course Length

2 years – additional time may be required to complete your independent End–point assessment. You must have a contract of employment for the duration of your Apprenticeship programme.


This is a Level 2 Apprenticeship.

There is the opportunity to progress onto a Level 3 Apprenticeship on successful completion of the independent End–point assessment.

Who is it for

Please only apply for this Apprenticeship Course if you already have a suitable employer. If you haven't already got an employer you can apply for Apprenticeship vacancies here–vacancies/.

Do you enjoy working in a busy, fast past environment?
Are you looking to kick start a career within the hairdressing industry?

The hair and beauty sector is more diverse than you probably realised.
Apprenticeships here often take place in small local businesses. Others find themselves working in spas, health farms, holiday resorts, and even film and TV sets.

You can apply for an Apprenticeship if you are living in England, over 16 and not in full–time education can apply.

You must be in paid employment for the duration of your Apprenticeship course, you cannot be self employed or a volunteer. Employers must pay you the minimum Apprenticeship wage or more, for a minimum of 30 hours a week.

Interview Skills Assessment

All candidates will be invited to a pre interview and initial assessments in English and Maths with the Apprenticeship Recruitment Officers.

We strongly advice all candidates to complete a minimum of 2 weeks work experience with their employer prior to the start of the Apprenticeship to ensure the industry is right for the applicant.

What will I need

Entry requirements of GCSEs at grade D/3 and above including Maths and English. You are able to apply for this course with predicted grades where applicable. Please note you may also be asked to completed Maths and English qualifications as part of your Apprenticeship programme.

You will also need a suitable supportive employer who will guide you through your Apprenticeship. We strongly advise that you complete a minimum of 2 weeks work experience with your chosen employer to ensure the Hair Industry is right for you.

If you do not currently have an employer, you can apply for Apprenticeship Vacancies are advertised on our website ––vacancies/

Please only apply for this Apprenticeship course if you already have an employer.

What is covered

This Apprenticeship covers the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be a trainee hairdresser within a busy salon environment. As an Apprentices will learn to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using a range of techniques, style and finish hair to create variety of looks, and colour and lighten hair. 

What does the course cover?
Part 1 Skills, knowledge and behaviours (Year 1)
•Professionalism and values – Time management, commitment to quality, positive attitude, industry codes of practice and ethics.
•Behaviours and communication – Client communication, client care principles and practice, reception skills, sales techniques.
•Safe working practices.
•Consultation – Assessing client's requirements, recommendations, visual aids for consultation, product testing.

Part 2 Skills, knowledge and behaviours (Year 2)
•Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp.
•Cut hair using a range of techniques to create a variety of looks.
•Style and finish hair using a range of techniques to create a variety of looks.
•Colour and lighten hair using a range of techniques.
•Choose one option from: Perming hair, hair relaxing treatments and techniques or hair extension services.
•EPA preparation and mock End–Point Assessment with employer and assessor.

Apprentices are expected to attend college 1 day a week as part of your 20% off–the–job training. Additional off–the–job training hours are expected to be completed within your workplace, however you may also be asked to complete tasks at home via Google Classroom and One–file.

Please note you may also be asked to complete Maths and English qualifications as part of your Apprenticeship programme.

How is the course assessed

As well as being assessed continually throughout your Apprenticeship course, all Apprentices are required to complete an End–point Assessment in order to complete their qualification.

The EPA is conducted independently to your employer and Peterborough Regional College and is designed to test whether you have gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outline in the Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard. You will be graded according to your individual performance.

Throughout the duration of your Apprenticeship you will complete 28 assessments, only when these have been completed can your assessor and employer agree to put your forward for the 'Gateway'. This gateway allows you to focus on and prepare for your EPA in order to complete your Apprenticeship. During this time your employer will be expected to support you to prepare for your EPA through regular training and access to suitable models to be used in the EPA.

The EPA will require you to work on a minimum of two models over a 6 hour period and you will be asked to complete a number of tasks. It is your responsibility to source suitable models for the EPA – your employer and Assessor are able to support this, however as the Apprentice you must take the lead by planning your own column. You will need to complete tasks on both long and short hair.

Throughout the Apprenticeship it is your responsibility with the help from your employer, assessor and college tutors to ensure you are ready for your final independent EPA.

More information about your EPA will be given to you by your Assessor at the Apprenticeship Sign Up.

What can this course lead to

After you have successful completed your 6 hour independent End–point Assessment you will be given a grade based on your individual performance.
Successful Apprentices have the option to progress onto a Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard or seek full time employment.

You can progress onto being a senior stylist or salon manager, a senior stylist on a magazine shoots and music videos or go onto work as a technician for a large produce retailer such as Wella or L'oreal.

Completion of this standard will also allow you to apply for State registration with the Hair Council.

Are there any additional costs

Apprentice are required to purchase items on the kit list below prior to the start of your Apprenticeship. You employer may choose to support you, but there is not requirement for them to do so, therefore you must be prepared to pay for it yourself before you can start the Apprenticeship. 

You can purchase the full kit from or you may wish to use an alternative supplier.

The Kit must contain:
• Apron black tinting
• Babyliss 19mm ceramic dial a heat
• Brading bands clear (250 bag)
• Double prong clubs (36 bag)
• Headfix carbon 4 cutting comb
• Headfix carbon 42 military comb
• Headfix carbon 6 plastic tail comb
• Headfix carbon 9 metal lifter comb
• Headfix cushion brush
• Headfix folding razor
• Headfix hair elastics (pack 10)
• Headfix head clamp
• Scissors & thinner set – Headfix titanium ice
• Protip ceramic porcupine radial 18mm
• HeadJog 51 traditional styling brush
• Headfix paddle brush
• Headfix quad brush set (12,13,15,16)
• Headfix tangle brush
• Headfix tool carry bag
• Headfix training head 1in V2
• Headfix vent brush
• Headjog 206 detable comb black
• Metal wave clamp (Pack 4)
• Neck brush
• Protip No7 Extra wide rake comb
• Protip No 6 Military cutting comb
• 2x section clips silver (pack of 6)

Apprentice's are required to wear appropriate uniform whilst in college. The uniform is as follows:
• Plain black loose fitting t–shirt
• Plain black straight leg trousers – no jeans, no rips, no leggings
• Plain black flat close toe shoes.

You may also be required to wear a uniform in the workplace and buy additional tools. Please speak to your employer for more information and ensure details are set out in your contract of employment.

Other details

Reality check! 
You will be working on average 37 hours per week including evenings and Saturdays. You will also spend a lot of time on your feet and it is important that you always look smart. In the first 6 months of your Apprenticeship you will be asked to sweep floors, make refreshments for customers, wash and condition hair, clean towels and complete general cleaning and salon duties to support stylists. However we would expect employers to provide opportunities for you to learn and practice skills via regular training on blocks and where appropriate clients. It is highly unlikely you will be given clients to work on from day one. We would strongly recommend undertaking a minimum of 2 weeks work experience prior to the start of your Apprentice to ensure it is the right environment for you.

The salary for hairdressers can range from £8,000 to as much as £30,000 per year. Apprentices are also expected to buy their own hairdressing kit at the start of the course which can cost on average £130.

An employed status Apprentice you will:
• Earn a wage – the national minimum wage for Apprentices is £4.15 an hour, although many Apprentices earn more than this. Please note you must be a paid employee of the business, you cannot be self employed or a volunteer.
• Have a contract of employment – this must be given to you at the start of your employment.
• Get paid holidays – these will be detailed in your contract of employment.
• Receive training – it is crucial to the success of your Apprenticeship that your employer supports you with regular training. The Apprenticeship standard states you must complete a minimum of 20% off–the–job training which can also include training at Peterborough Regional College and training in the salon. You will also be expected to build a portfolio and complete tasks on One–file and Google Classrooms.
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