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Public (Uniformed Services)

Do you want the adventure and excitement of a career in the public services? You could travel the world with the armed forces, work in your local community as a Police Officer or save lives as a Fire Fighter – the list is endless!

A world of public services

Our courses provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for recruitment, selection and employment within the full range of uniformed services. The courses develop teamwork, leadership and discipline skills which are all vital within any public service, as well as focusing on the specific skills and knowledge needed to begin a successful career in the armed forces and emergency services. Volunteering yourself at a variety of events and activities to build up your experiences and knowledge is also a major part of the course.

Building a fantastic future

All the courses incorporate practical assignments and volunteering projects in order to maximise your preparedness for a career within this exciting sector. Courses are assessed by on-going portfolio work and practical activities by tutors who have all previously worked within the Uniformed Services.

Did you know…?

We have fantastic links with the Armed Forces Careers office, the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and HMP Peterborough.


Careers in the industry:

Police officer, RAF engineer, fire fighter, army officer, royal marine, prison officer, intelligence operative, logistic supply specialist, security, comms system engineer and many more!

To start YOUR dream career, see below for a list of courses.




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