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Former Level 2 Travel & Tourism (with Cabin Crew) student, Dion Joseph, has secured full-time employment as an Expert Travel Agent for Virgin Atlantic Holidays. Reminiscing on his College years, Dion said, “studying at Peterborough College gave me the confidence and the right attitude to work within the travel and tourism sector”.

Within a year of completing his course at Peterborough College, Dion secured a position as a cabin crew member for EasyJet; “I really enjoyed cabin crew – I would do up to twenty flights per month, and sometimes would even do two flights in one day! The best part of working in cabin crew was knowing that each day you’d land somewhere new – my favourite destinations were Iceland and Split, Croatia”. Dion said that his time at Peterborough College prepared him for this role; “I really loved practising the safety demonstration in the college’s mock-up cabin! We also visited a very well-known airline base at London’s Heathrow Airport – this was perfect for me, because we were shown what it was really like to be cabin crew”.

Although Dion enjoyed his time as an EasyJet flight attendant, it had always been his dream to work for Virgin; “Virgin Atlantic Holidays was my main goal, and it always has been since the start. The uniform is one of the best within the airline industry, and it seemed like a great company to work for”. The College also prepared Dion for his new role, as he recalled “practising selling holidays to classmates” to improve customer service skills. Dion said, “Being a travel agent isn’t just about finding someone the right holiday, but it’s also about offering the amazing customer service that Virgin is known for. I ensure I meet the needs and requirements of every customer that walks through the door”.

Dion concluded by saying, “My advice for anyone thinking about enrolling on the Travel & Tourism course at Peterborough College is to just grab the opportunity, because you never know where it will take you in the future!”. He continued, “The department offers so many resources and has so many external connections. It really is a great experience if you are wanting to be a member of cabin crew, a travel agent, a holiday rep for an airline, or work on the check-in desks. My experience of being a student at Peterborough College was amazing”.

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