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Motor Vehicle Lecturers Complete Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Training with Autotech Training

Motor Vehicle lecturers at Peterborough College, part of Inspire Education Group, recently completed Level 2 and Level 3 Electric/Hybrid Vehicle training, provided by Autotech Training.

We are proud to say that our staff excelled on the course assessments, with Rob Walsh, Trainer at Autotech Training, explaining that seven lecturers from the College completed the onsite training, “with four of them scoring 100% on their assessment.”

Our lecturers now have the knowledge and skills required to work safely on electric/hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out diagnostic, testing and repair activities. The course, which was delivered over a period of two days, included a series of activities, covering skills in:

  • working safely on an electric/hybrid vehicle
  • using information to carry out tasks
  • carrying out repairs on high energy electrical systems
  • recording information and making suitable recommendations

This will greatly benefit our Motor Vehicle students, who will now be trained by qualified technicians to repair and maintain electric/hybrid vehicles. With a growing number of EVs on the road in the UK, Peterborough College can now play a vital role in educating talent who are keen to start a career within the motor industry.

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