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Student Strives Against All Odds To Secure A University Placement On Counselling Degree

About to embark on the Counselling and Psychotherapy Principles and Practices degree at the University of Derby, student Brandon Harris is defying life’s challenges with his inspirational journey towards a dream career supporting others.

At 21, Brandon has faced more than most, being brought up through the care system and with a physical disability requiring him to be in an electric wheelchair, however, rather than dwelling on these misfortunes, Brandon is turning these life experiences into a positive. 

After a difficult time at school, where Brandon left without the GCSEs he so desperately wanted to gain, Brandon joined Peterborough College and began studying Level one Health and Social Care whilst resitting GCSEs in English in Maths. With a strong sense of determination to succeed and the support of the IEG team, including a learning support worker in the classroom, regular 1-2-1 sessions and career coaching, Brandon has completed levels 1, 2 and 3 and secured a place on a counselling degree. This higher education course will bring Brandon closer to his dream job as a counsellor, where he can draw on personal experiences, academic knowledge and his empathetic understanding to empower others to make positive changes in their own lives.

Brandon said, “the support I received from my support worker and my teachers has helped me gain new skills and develop my knowledge and confidence.” 

When asked what advice Brandon would give to others thinking about joining Peterborough College, he commented, “just be yourself, don’t worry about having to fit in with others, and don’t feel that you need your future planned out straightaway. Enjoy your course and do the very best you can.” 

Well done Brandon! We hope you enjoy studying at the University of Derby and look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

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