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Funding and Financial Support

This tuition fee guide provides a summary of the most frequently asked questions raised by students with regard to funding your course and financial support.

The following points are covered:

  • Who pays fees
  • Fee Remission
  • Self-Funding
  • Advanced Learner Loan
  • Employer Funding
  • Withdrawing

Should you have any other concerns not covered by the above, or you wish to seek further clarification, please use contact us. We’re here to help:


Who Pays the Fees?

Full-time courses for students aged between 16 and 18 are free.

The rules around course fees are complicated, they depend on age, prior learning, and your personal circumstances. As part of your application to Peterborough College the Admissions Team will assess you individually and identify if you are required to pay a fee. If you are aged 19 or over, there is a chance there is a fee to pay, depending on government funding available. For all courses there are a range of funding options, these are covered in this guidance.

Fee Remission (a reduction of all or part of the fees)

The rules around fee remissions are complicated and will need verification by our MIS department during the enrolment process. Fee remissions will be dependent on qualifying criteria based on, but not limited to, age, prior qualifications, financial circumstances and the course being applied for. Our fee policy will include remissions available and also state the fees payable.

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