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Health and Wellbeing

Experience, Learn and Thrive

At Peterborough College you’ll find Student Wellbeing Services, including a space built for you! Use this space to discover yourself and enhance your mental-wealth through a variety of activities, support and events.

For further information please contact the Health and Wellbeing Team on 01733 762320 or call in to the Student Wellbeing Services in Yellow Zone (YE-015). This is available to all students and offers confidential advice and a range of health services including:

• Contraception and sexual health advice
• Access to psychological therapies to deal with stress, depression and anxiety (IAPT)
• Counselling
• Health & Wellbeing Advisor
• Smoking, drugs and alcohol support


Student Voice

The Peterborough College Student Voice Team exists so that you have someone to listen to your concerns, interests and needs. We want you to get the very best out of your educational experience and our activities give you the opportunity to gain essential life skills.

Here at Peterorough College we are committed to putting the needs of students first and student voice activities are designed to give students a direct involvement in assessing and shaping their own learning experience.

What we do

Curriculum and Student Forums:

Peterborough College  students can access a Curriculum Forum and a Service Forum every term. Curriculum Forums allow students to voice their opinions about their course. StudentForums allow students to voice their opinions about ANYTHING cross College.

Speak to a Member of Staff:

Speak to a Member of Staff is an online form for students who need to speak to someone about an issue, but aren’t quite sure who they need to speak to.

You Said, We Did:

You Said, We Did is a way for us to keep students up to date with changes cross College, based on what they’ve told us. You Said, We Did is a collection of cross College posters.

Students’ Union Committee:

The SU Committee are elected student representatives that work on behalf of the College community of students. They have their own dedicated Student Union space. The SU Committee roles include:

    • Student Union President
    • Vice President
    • Mental & Wellbeing Officers
    • Environmental Officers
    • Engagement Officers
    • IDEAL Officers
    • LGBTQIA+ Officer
    • Women’s Officer
    • Activity and Welfare Officer
    • Apprenticeships and Education Officer
    • BME Officer

For further information please contact the Student Voice Team in Student Services


Safeguarding and Prevent

Working together to keep students safe.

Safeguarding is about doing everything we can to make sure all of our students, staff and the wider College community are kept safe and protected from harm. This encompasses harm happening within the family setting or harm happening outside of the family, which is called extra familial harm or contextual safeguarding. It also includes face to face as well as online harm.

The government provides statutory guidance to colleges on what they need to do to achieve this. We adhere to all guidance and pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make College a safe, happy and thriving environment for all. It is important to us that all College users are treated with respect and dignity and feel safe and listened to.

Peterborough College have the skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with a range of safeguarding incidents.

Find out more about each element of our safeguarding provision by interacting with the icons below.

For more information, or to report a safeguarding concern, contact the Safeguarding Team:

Related Safeguarding information

Digital Parenting

Visit the Digital Parenting website for advice and information about the latest digital technologies and the challenges children and teenagers might face in their digital world.

Talking to your child about online sexual harassment

The Children’s Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza, together with a group of 16-21 year olds, have produced a guide for parents to share the harms/issues children can face in the online world and what to do about them and where to get advice and help.  The guide is useful for anyone whether the are parents or not.

Criminal Exploitation of Children and Young People

Criminal exploitation of children and young people is an increasing area of concern both locally and nationally. This pocket guide on Child Criminal Exploitation is aimed at children and young people but is equally as informative for parents and carers. Please have a read through and if you have any questions or concerns relating to this get in touch with us on either the safeguarding phone number or email listed on this page.


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