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Results, Assessment and Appeals 2021

Important Information: Accessing your Exam Results

Published 2nd August 2021

Results Day is fast approaching!
Your exam results can be accessed online via Pro Portal – full details of how to access results can be found here. Your Course Tutors and GCSE  teachers will be available to discuss your results and support you with your progression.  Good Luck!

Important information for students receiving Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) 

Published 27th July 2021

Results day has been moved forward this year to 10 August for Level 3 qualifications and 12 August for GCSE and certain vocational qualifications.

Once you have your results, if you want to appeal your grades, you need to speak to your course tutor at college.   You will need to complete Stage 1 Centre Review of the Appeals Process. Full details can be found here

The first thing they’ll do is make sure that all of their processes were followed correctly and no errors were made. If they find an error, they will submit a revised grade to the exam board. Remember you can only appeal on the following Grounds:

  • Administrative: e.g. the wrong grade/mark was recorded
  • Procedural: e.g. a reasonable adjustment/access arrangement was not provided for an eligible student
  • Unreasonable exercise of academic judgement: The choice of evidence from which to determine the grade and/or the determination of that grade from the evidence was unreasonable.

Your tutors can share the following information:

  • the sources of evidence that were used to determine your grade along with (and where deemed appropriate by the centre) any grades/marks associated with them. This transparency will allow you to identify any errors or highlight circumstances relating to pieces of evidence
  • the centre policy and any supporting documentation
  • details of any variations in evidence used based on disruption to what was taught
  • details of any special circumstances that have been considered in determining your grade, e.g. access arrangements/reasonable adjustments or mitigating circumstances

Appeals for students waiting on grades for university applications will be prioritised.  Please see timeline below for you to appeal your grade:

Learner Deadlines
10 – 16 Aug 2021
Priority Learners* should submit a request for a centre review by 16 August 2021

JCQ Definition: Students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice, i.e. the offer they accepted as their first choice, and wish to appeal an A level or other Level 3 qualification result.

Learner Deadlines
10 Aug – 3 Sep 2021
All other Learners by 3 September 2021 for non-priority appeals


If after discussions with your tutor you still want to appeal the grade you’ve been given, we can submit a formal appeal to the exam board for you – Stage 2 Appeal to the Awarding Organisation.  The exam board will check that we have followed our processes and the exam board requirements. They’ll also review the evidence we based your grade on and assess whether the grade awarded was a reasonable judgement of your work.  If they decide your grade was unreasonable, the exam board will determine the alternative grade and inform us. Be aware that an appeal could result in your grade going up or down. The guidance on appeals issued by Ofqual also says that “appeals are not likely to lead to adjustments in grades where the original grade is a reasonable exercise of academic judgement supported by the evidence.”

Remember we are here to support, you so please in the first instance contact your Course Tutor if you have any concerns. Meanwhile, we wish you well as you progress onto the next steps of your career either returning to us, gaining employment or progressing into higher education.

Assessment update

Published May 2021

Ofqual’s student guide to awarding: summer 2021

Ofqual have now published their new student guide to awarding: summer 2021. This guide offers support for students taking GCSEs, A levels, vocational and technical qualifications this year. It is written for students and complements the materials that have already been published for teachers. It also contains important advice on where you and your families can go for more information and support, including support for those with mental health concerns.

Students must continue to engage with their studies and complete all work set by their tutor. The commitment and engagement they show to their course will have a direct impact on the grades they are awarded.



  • A-LEVELS AND GCSES - Read more ...

    For GCSEs and A-levels exams will not go ahead. Instead, centre assessed grades will be used, based on a range of assessment, including coursework, mock exams and internal assessments.

    Exam boards will provide detailed guidance on how to make grade judgments by the end of the spring term. We will share any further guidance with you as we receive it.

    How-GCSEs-A-Levels-will-be-awarded-in-Summer-2021 infographic


    Awarding VTQs will again be based on three “broad” groups:

    GROUP 1

    For Vocational qualifications most like GCSEs and A levels and used for progression to FE or HE, including BTECs, exams will not go ahead.

    Instead, centre assessed grades will be used, based on a range of assessment, including coursework, mock exams and internal assessments. We are awaiting more detailed guidance from each Awarding Body and what evidence is needed and will distribute this as we receive it.

    GROUP 2

    For Technical Qualifications used for direct entry to employment and used to demonstrate occupational or professional competence, including subject areas like construction, motor vehicle, hair and beauty, assessments will go ahead as planned.

    GROUP 3

    Assessments for VTQs that are unlike GCSEs and A-levels but are still used for progression, such as functional skills will still go ahead either onsite or remotely. If neither of those options is possible then “alternative arrangements” can be used, although we are awaiting further guidance on how this would work.

    How-vocational-technical-qualifications-will-be-awarded-in-2021 infographic


    Grades will be awarded to students based upon any evidence that is available to determine performance. This may include coursework, mock exams or any other work completed as part of your course, such as essays or in-class test. No algorithm will be used.

    It is, therefore, critical that students continue to engage with their studies and complete all work set by their tutor. The commitment and engagement they show to their course will have a direct impact on the grades they are awarded.


    All grades will go through a thorough internal moderation process and will then be moderated further by the Exam boards.

    Students will have the right to appeal your grade. We are awaiting further guidance on how this would work and will share it with you when we know more.


    Results day for Level 3 qualifications is on Tuesday 10th August and results day for Level 2 qualifications is on Thursday 12th August.

    Results for other VTQs, such as functional skills will be issued throughout the year from April onwards.

  • HOW DO I FIND OUT MORE? - Read more ...

    Please check our website regularly. We will update this as we receive any additional guidance from Ofqual or Exam Boards.

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